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Osteopath + Herbalist

Belinda Burnside has a Master of Osteopathy degree from Australia and is a non-physician Osteopath, practicing traditional, hands-on (manual) osteopathy.

The Nimbus Approach

Belinda Burnside Osteopath, Bodywork, Herbalist Petaluma

Belinda takes a whole-body approach to healing. She considers a person's mobility and the demands of their daily life, hobbies and athletic performance.


Belinda has a unique blend of training that includes Osteopathy, Nutrition and Herbal remedies, Tai Chi, and Animal Biomechanics. Her breadth of knowledge, continuing education and over 20 years practical experience results in a skilled and intuitive application of a wide range of therapies. She works with the body's systems and innate intelligence to foster freely-moving muscles and joints, reduce pain/stiffness and promote faster recovery from injury. Achieving effective and efficient movement in all the body's tissues contributes to overall health and balance.


What is Osteopathy?

The Osteopath finds health and guides the body toward it. Osteopathy does not force the body, it allows the body to move in the direction of ease.


Osteopathy is a philosophy, a science, and an art. The principles of osteopathy are:

  • The body is a whole- body, mind, spirit

  • The body has the ability to heal itself

  • Structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) are intrinsically inter-related

  • Treatment is based on the above principles

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